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Dananananaykroyd - Hey Everyone! (2009)

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Artist: Dananananaykroyd
Album: Hey Everyone
Release date: 08.04.2009
Label: Best Before Hostess (Japan)

1. Hey Everyone2. Watch This3. The Greater Than Symbol And The Hash4. Black Wax5. Totally Bone6. Pink Sabbath7. Infinity Milk8. One Chance9. Some Dresses10. 199311. Hey James12. Song One Puzzle

We Came As Romans - Dreams (EP) (2009)

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Artist: We Came As Romans
Album: Dreams (EP)
Release date: 24.03.2009
Label: Unsigned

1. Conditions
2. Dreams
3. Intentions
4. Shapes

Silverstein - A Shipwreck In The Sand (2009)

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Artist: Silverstein
Album: A Shipwreck In The Sand (2009)
Release date: 31.03.2009
Label: Victory Records

Chapter One: It Burns Within Us All
1. A Great Fire2. Vices3. Broken Stars

Chapter Two: Liars, Cheaters And Thieves
4. American Dream
5. Their Lips Sink Ships
6. I Knew I Couldn't Trust You7. Born Dead

Chapter Three: Fight Fire With Fire
8. A Shipwreck In The Sand
9. I Am The Arsonist
10. You're All I Have

Chapter Four: Death And Taxes
1. We Are Not The World
2. A Hero Loses Everyday
3. The Tide Raises Every Ship
4. The End

War From A Harlots Mouth - In Shoals (2009)

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Artist: War From A Harlots Mouth
Album: In Shoals
Release date: 24.04.2009
Label: Lifeforce Records

1. They Come In Shoals2. No High Five For A C.oward3. Briefing Security Werewolves On Red Alert4. Crooks At Your Door5. Justice From The Lips Of The Highest Bidder6. Copyriot7. The Certain Nothing8. Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept And Obstruct Errorism9. What Happens In The District... (Paper Agents)10. ...Stays In The District (I’m The Black Sheep Of Her Country)11. Scully

Vanna - A New Hope (2009)

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Artist: Vanna
Album: A New Hope
Release date: 24.03.2009
Label: Epitaph

1. Let's Have An Earthquake2. Into Hell's Mouth We March3. The Same Graceful Wind4. Like Changing Seasons5. Trashmouth6. Safe To Say7. We Are Nameless8. Sleepwalker9. Where We Are Now10. Ten Arms11. Life and Limb12. The Sun Sets Here

Harp And Lyre - Harp And Lyre (EP) (2009)

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Artist: Harp And Lyre
Album: Harp And Lyre (EP)
Release date: 13.01.2009

1. Grizzly Adams Did Have A Beard 2. Disregard The Formula 3. Psalms 150 4. The World Doesn't Revolve Around You, It Revolves Around The Sun5. Cowboy J, The Beatnik 6. Bare Knuckles Meets The Source Of The Problem 7. Judas Visits Temptation Island

Thursday - Common Existence (2009)

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Artist: Thursday
Album: Common Existence
Release date: 17.02.2009
Label: Epitaph

1. Resuscitation of a Dead Man2. Last Call3. As He Climbed The Dark Mountain4. Friends In The Armed Forces5. Beyond the Visible Spectrum6. Time's Arrow7. Unintended Long Term Effects8. Circuits of Fever9. Subway Funeral10. Love Has Led Us Astray11. You Were The Cancer

In Fear And Faith - Your World On Fire (2009)

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Artist: In Fear And Faith
Album: Your World On Fire
Release date: 06.01.2009
Label: Rise Records

1. Intro
2. Pirates...The Sequel
3. Your World On Fire
4. The Taste Of Regret
5. The End
6. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions [featuring Craig Owens of Chiodos]
7. You Already Know You're A Goner
8. Live Love Die
9. Strength In Numbers
10. Relapse Collapse

Moving Mountains - Foreword EP (2008)

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Artist: Moving Mountains
Album: Foreword EP
Release date: 13.12.2008
Label: DIY

1. Foreword2. With One's Heart In One's Mouth3. Armslength4. Lights & Shapes

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