The Ghost Of A Thousand - New Hopes, New Demonstrations (2009)

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Artist: The Ghost Of A Thousand
Album: New Hopes, New Demonstrations
Release date: 01.06.2009
Label: Epitaph

1. Moved As Mountains, Dreamt Of By The Sea
2. Bright Lights
3. Knees, Toes, Teeth
4. Canyons Of Static
5. Split The Atom
6. Neptune
7. Small Mercies
8. Nobody Likes A Hero
9. Running On Empty
10. Fed To The Ocean
11. Good Old Fashioned Loss

Amorphis - Skyforger (2009)

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Artist: Amorphis
Album: Skyforger
Release date: 02.06.2009
Label: Nuclear Blast

1. Sampo
2. Silver Bride
3. From The Heaven Of My Heart
4. Sky Is Mine
5. Majestic Beast
6. My Sun
7. Highest Star
8. Skyforger
9. Course Of Fate
10. From Earth I Rose
11. Godlike Machine

As We Fight - Meet Your Maker (2009)

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Artist: As We Fight
Album: Meet Your Maker
Release date: 25.05.2009
Label: Dockyard 1

1. Blood Will Fill The Coffin
2. Join The Killing Spree
3. Buried In Lies
4. Meet Your Maker
5. Interlude
6. Evil Deeds
7. Pull Me Asunder
8. Witness The Slaughter
9. The Condemned
10. The Oncoming Chaos

Fact - Fact (2009)

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Artist: Fact
Album: Fact
Release date: 14.04.2009
Label: Vagrant

1. Paradox
2. Los Angels
3. A Fact Of Life
4. Chain
5. Reborn
6. Purple Eyes
7. Lights Of Vein
8. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
9. Co-3
10. Snow
11. Stretch My Arms
12. 45days
13. Why...
14. 1-2
15. Rise
16. A Fact Of Life (Boom Boom Satellites Remix)

John 5 - Remixploitation (2009)

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Artist: John 5
Album: Remixploitation
Release date: 14.04.2009
Label: 60 Cycle Hum Records

1. Dorsia  2. Monsters and Gods 3. Say Goodnight To Your Soul4. Sin 5. Eat It Up6. Unbelievers7. Shoot the Dog8. 2 Bullets 9. Plastic 10. How Do You Like It

Hearts Fall For Danny Tanner - Dawn of the Danny (2009)

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Artist: Hearts Fall For Danny Tanner
Album: Dawn of the Danny
Release date: 01.01.2008

1. HFFDT JAM!2. 28 Dannys L8R3. Night of the Living Danny4. I Gave the Olsen Twins an Alabama Hot Pocket5. Kimmy Is My Kryptonite6. Eulogy For a Saint7. No One Said I Could Make It In San Francisco8. Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets9. Plannet Tanner10. Danny Proof

Беzумные Усилия - Огни Неизвестности (2009)

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Artist: Беzумные Усилия
Album: Огни Неизвестности
Release date: 31.01.2009
Label: Moscow Sound

1. Звуки без эха2. Для каждого из нас3. Стрелы (прочь летят)4. 3/9/405. Мёртвый океан6. Бьётся ночь7. Там, где ждут и верят8. Нет больше слов9. Таять и мерцать10. Небо цвета крови11. С той стороны стекла

Various Artists - Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Soundtrack (OST) (2009)

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Artist: Various Artists
Album: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Soundtrack (OST)
Release date: 13.01.2009
Label: Lakeshore Records

1. Puscifer - Lighten Up Francis [JLE Dub Mix]2. The Cure (ft. Maynard James Keenan & Milla) - Underneath The Stars [Renholdër Remix]3. Perry Farrell - Nasty Little Perv [Renholdër Remix]4. Deftones - Hole In The Earth [Renholdër Remix]5. AFI - Miss Murder [VNV Nation Remix]6. Alkaline Trio - Over And Out [Renholdër Remix]7. William Control (ft. Matt Skiba) - Deathclub [Wes Borland/Renholdër Remix]8. Genghis Tron - Board Up The House (Renholdër Remix]9. Blaqk Audio - Stiff Kittens [JNRSNCHZ Blaqkout Remix]10. Thrice - Broken Lungs [Legion Of Doom Remix]11. Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons [Beneath The World Mix]12. Black Light Burns - I Want You To13. Drop Dead, Gorgeous - Two Birds, One Stone [Wes Borland/Renholdër Remix]14. King Black Acid - Let’s Burn15. From First To Last - Tick Tock Tomorrow [Wes Borland/Renholdër Remix]16. Ghosts On The Radio - Steal My Romance

Save - Копилка грехов (2009)

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Artist: Save
Album: Копилка грехов
Release date: 13.01.2009
Label: Mystic Empire (Mazzar)

1. Сорви повязку с глаз2. Ложь прошла сквозь стену3. Без слов4. Изверг5. Линии в разных мирах6. Ловец снов7. Ты для меня8. 10 на прощанье9. Под руку с мечтой10. Смерть или Бог11. 215

The Eyes Of A Traitor - A Clear Perception (2009)

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Artist: The Eyes Of A Traitor
Album: A Clear Perception
Release date: 02.02.2009
Label: Listenable Records

1. Under Siege
2. Like Clockwork
3. With Different Eyes
4. Escape These Walls
5. Decorus
6. Misconceptions
7. Echoes
8. Hands Of Time
9. The Impact Of Two Hearts
10. A Clear Perception

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