Kah-Roe-Shi - Shi (2009)

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Artist: Kah-Roe-Shi - Shi (2009)
Album: Shi
Release date: 01.01.2009
Label: 13 different labels...

1.  Submit To Grief 2.  On Their Knees3.  Race Don't Exist4.  Deja Vu Beirut5.  Substance6.  Shi7.  Fraud

Laurel - Infinity (2009)

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Artist: Laurel
Album: Infinity
Release date: 06.01.2009
Label: Torque / Universal Canada

1. Dead Or Alive2. So Far, So Far...3. I Am The One4. Meaning Of Loneliness5. Go Back To Your Trailer Park6. Infinity7. Pull The Handbrake8. Get On Your Bike9. The Next Big Thing10. Crashed & Burned

Fire Team Charlie - Fire Team Charlie (2008)

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Artist: Fire Team Charlie
Album: Fire Team Charlie
Release date: 01.01.2008
Label: STG, Rok Lok, Ghost Hunt, Wrapped In Plastic

01. Reflections Of A Heartless Man02. ...So Now He Trudges03. A Light That Darkens The Sun04. Poisons Disguised As Potions05. Pc Punks Fuck Off

United Nations - United Nations (2008)

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Artist: United Nations
Album: United Nations
Release date: 09.09.2008
Label: Eyeball Records

1. The Spinning Heart of the YO YO Lobby2. Resolution #93. No Sympathy for a Sinking Ship4. The Shape of Punk That Never Came5. My Cold War6. Model UN7. Filmed In Front of A Live Studio Audience8. Revolutions In Graphic Design9. I Keep Living The Same Day10. Subliminal Testing11. Say Goodbye to General Figment of the USS Imagination12. Untitled Track

Austrian Death Machine - A Very Brutal Christmas EP (2008)

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Artist: Austrian Death Machine
Album: A Very Brutal Christmas EP (2008)
Release date: 01.01.2008
Label: Metal Blade Records

1. Jingle Bells 3:012. Get To The Choppa 2:473. Hell Bent For Leather (Judas Priest Cover) 2:57

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