Caledonia - We Are America (2009)

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Artist: Caledonia
Album: We Are America
Release date: 27.10.2009
Label: Sonic Unyon

1. Restless Year
2. We Are America
3. The Plague
4. Scott's House
5. Burning The Day
6. Friday Night Rock Song
7. The Victim
8. Too Old
9. Leaving Ian In New Orleans
10. Same Old Lies
11. I'm Tired
12. Winter Drips From Trees (feat. Tanya Davis)
13. Light Rock Station
14. Alabama

Frank Turner - Poetry Of The Deed (2009)

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Artist: Frank Turner
Album: Poetry Of The Deed
Release date: 07.08.2009
Label: Epitaph / Xtra Mile

1. Live Fast Die Old
2. Try This At Home
3. Dan's Song
4. Poetry Of The Deed
5. Isabel
6. The Fastest Way Back Home
7. Sons Of Liberty
8. The Road
9. Faithful Son
10. Richard Divine
11. Sunday Nights
12. Our Lady Of The Campfire
13. Journey Of The Magi

Son Volt - American Central Dust (2009)

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Artist: Son Volt
Album: American Central Dust
Release date: 07.07.2009
Label: Transmit Sound / Rounder Records

1. Dynamite
2. Down to the Wire
3. Roll On
4. Cocaine and Ashes
5. Dust of Daylight
6. When the Wheels Dont Move
7. No Turning Back
8. Pushed Too Far
9. Exiles
10. Sultana
11. Strength and Doubt
12. Jukebox of Steel

Neko Case - Middle Cyclone (2009)

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Artist: Neko Case
Album: Middle Cyclone
Release date: 03.03.2009
Label: ANTI

1. This Tornado Loves You2. The Next Time You Say Forever3. People Got A Lotta Nerve4. Polar Nettles5. Vengeance Is Sleeping6. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth7. Middle Cyclone8. Fever9. Magpie To The Morning10. I'm An Animal11. Prison Girls12. Don't Forget Me13. The Pharaohs14. Red Tide15. Marais La Nuit

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