Various Artists - Turkish Screamo / Indie Compilation (2008)

Неплохая diy-компиляция. Мне приглянулись Jack In the Box, Change of Plans, The Bitmap Workshop. И ещё удивил лейбл, с которым можно связатся по адресу Житомирский лейбл?...Буду копать дальше...

Various Artists
Turkish Screamo / Indie Compilation
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1. Two Easy Steps - Hero
2. Two Easy Steps - Liv
3. Jack In The Box - Fersan Jelepano
4. Jack In The Box - Let's Kick The Traffic Lights
5. Noisy Sins Of The Insect - Experiment 01
6. Noisy Sins Of The Insect - There Won't Be A My Life
7. Circuits Made Flesh - 600 Miles Under Orange Lights
8. Circuits Made Flesh - Track 1
9. The Bitmap Workshop - The Retirement Days
10. The Bitmap Workshop - There Is No Rewind Button In H
11. Burn Her Letters - Naboo
12. Burn Her Letters - Nurse With Peanuts (Live)
13. Stevan Flipovic - One Heart One Fight
14. Stevan Flipovic - Transporting Souls To Dream
15. Change Of Plans - Orange
16. Change Of Plans - Iki

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Something Borrowed Something New Records
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