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Gigi - Maintentant (2010)

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Artist: Gigi
Album: Maintentant
Release date: 10.02.2010
Label: Tomlab

1. No, My Heart Will Go On (Chorus)
2. The Hundredth Time (with Duffy Driediger & Ryan Peters)
3. Dreams of Romance (with Zac Pennington)
4. Alone at the Pier (with Rose Melberg)
5. One Woman Show (with Joey Cook)
6. I'm Not Coming Out Tonight (with Marissa Johnson & Sydney Vermont)
7. Some Second Best (Chorus)
8. I Can't Bring Myself to Smile (with Bobby Birdman & Katy Davidson)
9. Strolling Past the Old Graveyard (with Karl Blau)
10. The Marquee (with Katie Eastburn)
11. Impossible Love (Chorus)
12. Everyone Can Tell (with Ryan Beattie)
13. Won't Someone Tell Me? (with Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn)
14. I'll Quit (with Owen Pallett)
15. 'Neathe the Streetlights (with Nick Krgovich)

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