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Long Distance Calling - Avoid The Light (2009)

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Artist: Long Distance Calling
Album: Avoid The Light
Release date: 24.04.2009
Label: Superball

1. Apparitions2. Black Paper Planes3. 3594. I Know You, Stanley Milgram!5. The Nearing Grave (Ft. Jonas Renkse)6. Sundown Highway

Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven (2012)

Blaqk Audio - Bright Black Heaven (2012)
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Artist: Blaqk Audio
Album: Bright Black Heaven
Release date: 12.09.2012
Label: Superball

1. Cold War
2. Fade To White
3. Faith Healer
4. Deconstructing Gods
5. Everybody’s Friends
6. Let’s Be Honest
7. With Your Arms Around You
8. Bliss
9. Bon Voyeurs
10. The Witness
11. Say Red
12. Ill-Lit Ships
13. Bite Your Tongue (iTunes Bonus Track)

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