Albums by Provident

Red - Innocence And Instinct (Bonus Tracks + Bonus DVD) (2009)

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Artist: Red
Album: Innocence And Instinct (Bonus Tracks) (2009)
Release date: 10.02.2009
Label: Provident

Bonus Tracks:
1. Intro (Canto III)2. Overtake You3. Forever4. Nothing And Everything
Bonus DVD:
1. The Making Of Innocence & Instinct2. Death Of Me (Video Mix)3. Behind The Scenes

Pillar - Confessions (2009)

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Artist: Pillar
Album: Confessions
Release date: 22.09.2009
Label: Provident

1. Intro
2. Fire On The Inside
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Secrets And Regrets
5. Better Off Now
6. Not Without A Fight
7. Will You Be There
8. Shine
9. Call To Action
10. You Will Lose It All
11. You Are Not The End

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