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Aidan Baker - Already Drowning (2013)

Aidan Baker - Already Drowning (2013)
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Artist: Aidan Baker
Album: Already Drowning
Release date: 16.04.2013
Label: Gizeh

1. Already Drowning (feat. Clara Engel)
2. 30 Days,30 Nights (feat. Jessica Bailiff)
3. Melusine (feat. Valerie Niederoest & Maude Oswald)
4. Mein Zwilling, Mein Verlorener (feat. Joanna Kupnicka)
5. Tout Juste Sous la Surface, Je Guette (feat. Genevieve Castree)
6. Ice (feat. Liz Hisen)
7. Lorelei,Common Tongue (feat. Carla Bozulich)

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