Albums by Frenchkiss

The Dodos - Time To Die (2009)

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Artist: The Dodos
Album: Time To Die
Release date: 15.09.2009
Label: Frenchkiss

1. Small Deaths
2. Longform
3. Fables
4. The Strums
5. This Is A Business
6. Two Medicines
7. Troll Nacht
8. Acorn Factory
9. A Time To Die

The Antlers - (together) (EP) (2011)

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Artist: The Antlers
Album: (together) (EP)
Release date: 22.11.2011
Label: Frenchkiss

1. Parentheses (The Antlers, PVT)
2. Tongue Tied (The Antlers)
3. French Exit (Snrf Version) (The Antlers)
4. I Don't Want Love (Peter's Version) (The Antlers)
5. VCR (The XX Cover) (The Antlers)
6. Hounds (The Antlers, Nicole Atkins)
7. Rolled Together (The Antlers, Neon Indian)
8. Parentheses (The Antlers, Bear In Heaven)

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