Violens summon influences as diverse as 60s psychpop,thrash metal, and Miami freestyle. Their music channels the sophistication of Roxy Music and the no-wave roar of Sonic Youth, all within the laughing nightmare spaces of Stanley Kubrick or Nobuhiko Obayashi. The New York-based 3-piece release their highly anticipated debut album Amoral November 9th via Brooklyn label Friendly Fire Recordings and their own imprint Static Recital.

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Violens - True (2012)

Violens - True (2012)
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Artist: Violens
Album: True
Release date: 15.05.2012
Label: Slumberland Records

1. Totally True
2. Der Microarc
3. When to Let Go
4. Sariza Spring
5. Every Melting Degree
6. Lavender Forces
7. Unfolding Black Wings
8. All Night Low
9. Watch the Streams
10. Lucent Caries
11. Through the Window
12. So Hard to See