Vanna is a band from Boston, Massachusetts. They formed in December 2004 with Evan Pharmakis and Nick Lambert and recorded their first demo in a dorm room at MassArt using a drum Machine. Soon they recruited drummer Brandon Davis (who at the time was playing guitar for the band Therefore I Am), bassist Shawn Marquis, and vocalist Joe Bragel. They then recorded and self released their first EP, This Will Be Our Little Secret. The six song EP quickly helped the band gain a strong local fan base.

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Vanna - A New Hope (2009)

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Artist: Vanna
Album: A New Hope
Release date: 24.03.2009
Label: Epitaph

1. Let's Have An Earthquake2. Into Hell's Mouth We March3. The Same Graceful Wind4. Like Changing Seasons5. Trashmouth6. Safe To Say7. We Are Nameless8. Sleepwalker9. Where We Are Now10. Ten Arms11. Life and Limb12. The Sun Sets Here

Vanna - And They Came Baring Bones (2011)

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Artist: Vanna
Album: And They Came Baring Bones
Release date: 21.06.2011
Label: Razor and Tie

1. Black Bones
2. I, The Remover
3. History on Repeat
4. Breathing at the Bottom
5. Scarlet Shroud
6. Passages
7. Silver Sun
8. I, The Collector
9. Careless Men Lead Careless Lives
10. Eyes Like the Tides
11. White Light