The Magnetic Fields


The Magnetic Fields is a New York-based group fronted by Stephin Merritt. Recent albums released under the name "The Magnetic Fields" usually consist of music in a 1980s style underlying clever lyrics which are often heavily ironic. While synth-pop often forms the foundation of their music, The Magnetic Fields' music borrows from many other styles, notably , and . The band was originally formed in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1990 by friends Merritt and (percussionist/pianist/vocalist) Claudia Gonson.

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The Magnetic Fields - Realism (2010)

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Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: Realism
Release date: 26.01.2010
Label: Nonesuch Records

1. You Must Be Out of Your Mind
2. Interlude
3. We Are Having a Hootenanny
4. I Don't Know What to Say
5. The Dolls' Tea Party
6. Everything Is One Big Christmas Tree
7. Walk a Lonely Road
8. Always Already Gone
9. Seduced and Abandoned
10. Better Things
11. Painted Flower
12. The Dada Polka
13. From a Sinking Boat

The Magnetic Fields - Love at the Bottom of the Sea (2012)

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Artist: The Magnetic Fields
Album: Love at the Bottom of the Sea
Release date: 06.03.2012
Label: Merge Records

1. Your Girlfriend's Face
2. Andrew In Drag
3. God Wants Us To Wait
4. Born For Love
5. I'd Go Anywhere With Hugh
6. Infatuation (With Your Gyration)
7. The Only Boy In Town
8. The Machine In Your Hand
9. Goin' Back To The Country
10. I've Run Away To Join The Fairies
11. The Horrible Party
12. My Husband's Pied-À-Terre
13. I Don't Like Your Tone
14. Quick!
15. All She Cares About Is Mariachi