The Fall


Famously described by John Peel as being "always different, always the same", The Fall were formed in Manchester, England in 1976 during the era although their style quickly evolved into something more idiosyncratic.

The one permanent fixture amidst the Fall's ever-changing line-up is Mark E. Smith. Smith's lyrics are free, unboxed and unpredictable, touching on an extremely wide range of subjects and places, and caring little for being tied down to easily digestible messages.

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The Fall - Our Future Your Clutter (2010)

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Artist: The Fall
Album: Our Future Your Clutter
Release date: 26.04.2010
Label: Domino Records

1. O.F.Y.C. Showcase
2. Bury Pts. 1 + 3
3. Mexico Wax Solvent
4. Cowboy George
5. Hot Cake
6. Y.F.O.C. / Slippy Floor
7. Chino
8. Funnel Of Love
9. Weather Report 2

The Fall - Ersatz G.B. (2011)

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Artist: The Fall
Album: Ersatz G.B.
Release date: 22.11.2011
Label: Cherry Red UK

1. Cosmos 7
2. Taking Off
3. Nate Will Not Return
4. Mask Search
5. Greenway
6. Happi Song
7. Monocard
8. Laptop Dog
9. I've Seen Them Come
10. Age of Chang

The Fall - Re-Mit (2013)

The Fall - Re-Mit (2013)
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Artist: The Fall
Album: Re-Mit
Release date: 21.05.2013
Label: Cherry Red

1. No Respects (Intro)
2. Sir William Wray
3. Kinder of Spine
4. Noise
5. Hittite Man
6. Pre-Mdma Years
7. No Respects Rev.
8. Victrola Time
9. Irish
10. Jetplane
11. Jam Song
12. Loadstones