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The Aquabats are a musical ensemble from Huntington Beach, California formed in 1994 known for their humorous lyrics and outrageous live shows, during which the band is often attacked by supervillains onstage. Starting as a parody of the booming third-wave ska scene in Southern California (their first show, reportedly, was played with fourteen members, at least half of which were wielding horns), The Aquabats played third-wave ska with a surfy, b-movie-esque twist that set them apart from the sped-up two-tone/pop-punk mash-ups most bands of the time were playing.

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The Aquabats! - Hi-Five Soup! (2011)

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Artist: The Aquabats!
Album: Hi-Five Soup!
Release date: 18.01.2011
Label: Fearless Records

1. The Shark Fighter!
2. B.F.F.!
3. The Legend is True!
4. Radio Down! (featuring Biz Markie)
5. Poppin' a Wheelie!
6. Hey Homies!
7. In My Dreams!
8. Just Can't Lose!
9. All My Money!
10. Pink Pants! (Featuring Strong Bad)
11. Food Fight On the Moon!
12. Luck Dragon Lady!