Papa Roach


Papa Roach - Metamorphosis (2009)

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Artist: Papa Roach
Album: Metamorphosis
Release date: 24.03.2009
Label: Interscope, DCG

1. Days of War2. Change or Die3. Hollywood Whore4. I Almost Told You That I Loved You5. Lifeline6. Had Enough7. Live This Down8. March Out of the Darkness9. Into the Light10. Carry Me11. Nights of Love12. State of Emergency

Papa Roach - Time For Annihilation..On the Record, and On The Road (2010)

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Artist: Papa Roach
Album: Time For Annihilation
Release date: 31.08.2010
Label: Interscope

1. Burn
2. One Track Mind
3. Kick In The Teeth
4. No Matter What
5. The Enemy
6. Getting Away With Murder (Live)
7. ...To Be Loved (Live)
8. Lifeline (Live)
9. Scars (Live)
10. Hollywood Whore (Live)
11. Time Is Running Out (Live)
12. Forever (Live)
13. Between Angels And Insects (Live)
14. Last Resort (Live)

Papa Roach - The Connection (2012)

Papa Roach - The Connection (2012)
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Artist: Papa Roach
Album: The Connection
Release date: 02.10.2012
Label: Eleven Seven Music

1. Engage
2. Still Swingin
3. Where Did The Angels Go
4. Silence Is The Enemy
5. Before I Die
6. Wish You Never Met Me
7. Give Me Back My Life
8. Breathe You In
9. Leader Of The Broken Hearts
10. Not That Beautiful
11. Walking Dead
12. Won't Let Up
13. As Far As I Remember
14. What's Left Of Me
15. 9th Life

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