Memoryhouse is the recording project of neo-classical composer Evan Abeele and photographer Denise Nouvion from Guelph, Ontario. The name "Memoryhouse" is itself, a tribute to German composer Max Richter's seminal work and the project was originally a means to escape the paralysis of winter. It mixes ambient loops, breezy samples, aquatic guitars, and burbling synths.

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Memoryhouse - Caregiver (Single) (2010)

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Artist: Memoryhouse
Album: Caregiver (Single)
Release date: 09.11.2010
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records

1. Caregiver
2. Heirloom

Memoryhouse - The Slideshow Effect (2012)

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Artist: Memoryhouse
Album: The Slideshow Effect
Release date: 28.02.2012
Label: Sub Pop

1. Little Expressionless Animals
2. The Kids Were Wrong
3. All Our Wonder
4. Punctum
5. Heirloom
6. Bonfire
7. Pale Blue
8. Walk With Me
9. Kinds Of Light
10. Old Haunts