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Lacuna Coil, formerly known as Sleep of Right and Ethereal, is a band formed in Milan, Italy in 1994. The group consists of Cristina Scabbia (vocals), Andrea Ferro (vocals and keyboards), Cristiano Migliore (guitars), Marco Biazzi (guitars), Marco Coti Zelati (bass and keyboards), and Cristiano Mozzati (drums and percussion). In 1994 Andrea Ferro and Marco Coti Zelati formed Sleep of Right, but soon changed their name to Ethereal, and signed to Century Media at the end of 1997.

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Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life (2009)

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Artist: Lacuna Coil
Album: Shallow Life
Release date: 20.04.2009
Label: Century Media

1. Survive2. I Wont Tell You3. Not Enough4. Im Not Afraid5. I Like It6. Underdog7. The Pain8. Spellbound9. Wide Awake10. The Maze11. Unchained12. Shallow Life13. Oblivion (Bonus Track)

Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline (2012)

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Artist: Lacuna Coil
Album: Dark Adrenaline
Release date: 24.01.2012
Label: Century Media

1. Trip The Darkness
2. Against You
3. Kill The Light
4. Give Me Something More
5. Upsidedown
6. End Of Time
7. I Dont Believe In Tomorrow
8. Intoxicated
9. The Army Inside
10. Losing My Religion
11. Fire
12. My Spirit