La Sera


La Sera is an indie rock band from Los Angeles, CA, featuring Katy Goodman - of Vivian Girls. The first album was recorded in spring 2009 by Katy and good friend, filmaker and music producer Brady Hall. They were both inspired by charming, ethereal vocals and '50s/'60s pop influences. After finishing the first album, the outfit signed to Hardly Art Records in 2010 and subsequently released the 7" "Never Come Around" in November 2010.

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La Sera - La Sera (2011)

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Artist: La Sera
Album: La Sera
Release date: 15.02.2011
Label: Hardly Art

1. Beating Heart
2. Never Come Around
3. You're Going To Cry
4. Sleeptalking
5. I Promise You
6. Left This World
7. Hold
8. Under the Trees
9. Devils Hearts Grow Gold
10. Dove Into Love
11. Been Here Before
12. Lift Off

La Sera - Sees the Light (2012)

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Artist: La Sera
Album: Sees the Light
Release date: 27.03.2012
Label: Hardly Art

1. Love That's Gone
2. Please Be My Third Eye
3. I Can't Keep You in My Mind
4. Break My Heart
5. It's Over Now
6. I'm Alone
7. Real Boy
8. Drive On
9. How Far We've Come Now
10. Don't Stay