La Dispute


La Dispute, formed in 2004, is five close friends from Grand Rapids, Michigan with a firm passion for the concept of music and art as a medium for making new friends. As a result, La Dispute makes (or strives to make) music that is both artistically, technically, and emotionally engaging in hopes of establishing legitimate connections with any and all interested people, while encouraging dialogue between those people and themselves about things in life that truly matter and that truly last.

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La Dispute - Here, Hear III (EP) (2009)

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Artist: La Dispute
Album: Here, Hear III (EP)
Release date: 24.12.2009

1. nine
2. ten
3. eleven
4. twelve

La Dispute - Wildlife (2011)

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Artist: La Dispute
Album: Wildlife
Release date: 04.10.2011
Label: No Sleep Records

1. A Departure
2. Harder Harmonies
3. St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church Blues
4. Edit Your Hometown
5. A Letter
6. Safer in the Forest/Love Song for Poor Michigan
7. The Most Beautiful Bitter Fruit
8. A Poem
9. King Park
10. Edward Benz, 27 Times
11. I See Everything
12. A Broken Jar
13. All Our Bruised Bodies and the Whole Heart Shrinks
14. You and I in Unison