Julien-K - Death To Analog (2009)

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Artist: Julien-K
Album: Death To Analog
Release date: 10.03.2009
Label: Metropolis / Level 7

1. Death to Analog2. Someday Soon3. Kick the Bass4. Technical Difficulties5. Systeme de Sexe6. Maestro7. Forever8. Spiral9. Nvr Say Nvr10. Dystopian Girl11. Look At U12. Stranded13. Disease14. Futura (DTA Mix)

Julien-K - We're Here With You (2012)

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Artist: Julien-K
Album: We're Here With You
Release date: 23.01.2012
Label: Tiefdruck-Musik

1. We're Here With You
2. Surrounded By Cowards
3. Cruel Daze Of Summer
4. Breakfast In Berlin
5. Palm Springs Reset
6. Colorcast
7. Close Continuance
8. Nights Of Future Past
9. Flashpoint Riot
10. I'll Try Not To Destroy You