Fucked Up


Fucked Up - David Comes To Life (2011)

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Artist: Fucked Up
Album: David Comes To Life
Release date: 07.06.2011
Label: Matador Records

ACT ONE: Love, then tragedy, strikes the town.

1. Let Her Rest
2. Queen of Hearts
3. Under My Nose
4. The Other Shoe

ACT TWO: David loses Veronica, and then himself, as he succumbs to guilt and despair.

5. Turn the Season
6. Running on Nothing
7. Remember My Name
8. A Slanted Tone

ACT THREE: Another character is revealed, putting the responsibility for Veronica’s death into question.

9. Serve Me Right
10. Truth I Know
11. Life in Paper
12. Ship of Fools


13. A Little Death
14. I Was There
15. Inside a Frame
16. The Recursive Girl
17. One More Night
18. Lights Go Up