Finntroll - Nifelvind (2010)

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Artist: Finntroll
Album: Nifelvind
Release date: 22.02.2010
Label: Century Media

1. Blodmarsch (Bloodmarch)
2. Solsagan (Tale of the Sun)
3. Den frusna munnen (The Frozen Mouth)
4. Ett norrskensdåd (A Deed of the Northern Lights)
5. I trädens sång (Within the Song of the Trees)
6. Tiden utan tid (Time Without Time(
7. Galgasång (The Gallows Song)
8. Mot skuggornas värld (Towards the World of Shadows)
9. Under bergets rot (Under the Root of the Mountain)
10. Fornfamnad (Embraced by the Ancient)
11. Dråp (Manslaughter)

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