Emery - ...In Shallow Seas We Sail (2009)

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Artist: Emery
Album: ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
Release date: 02.06.2009
Label: Tooth & Nail Records

1. Cutthroat Collapse
2. Curbside Goodbye
3. Inside Our Skin
4. Churches and Serial Killers
5. Butcher's Mouth
6. In Shallow Seas We Sail
7. The Poor and the Prevalent
8. The Smile, The Face
9. A Sin To Hold On To
10. Piggy Bank Lies
11. Edge of the World
12. Dear Death Part 1
13. Dear Death Part 2

Emery - We Do What We Want (2011)

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Artist: Emery
Album: We Do What We Want
Release date: 29.03.2011
Label: Tooth & Nail

1. The Cheval Glass
2. Scissors
3. The Anchors
4. The Curse of Perfect Days
5. You Wanted It
6. Im Not Here For Rage Im Here For Revenge
7. Daddys Little Peach
8. Addicted to Bad Decisions
9. I Never Got to See the West Coast
10. Fix Me

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