Dntel is the solo project of Jimmy Tamborello. Dntel is known for mixing glitch and cut-up electronic techniques with instruments like acoustic guitars, accordions, and symphonic instruments. Dntel is also the project that spawned The Postal Service. He started working as Dntel, pronounced Din-tell, in 1994. A collection of tracks created between 1995-1997 (Early Works For Me If It Works For You) was released on the Phthalo label in 1999, followed by the release of an EP recorded in 1994 (Something Always Goes Wrong) in 2000.

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Dntel - Aimlessness (2012)

Dntel - Aimlessness (2012)
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Artist: Dntel
Album: Aimlessness
Release date: 05.06.2012
Label: Pampa Records

1. waitingfortherest II
2. Jitters
3. Still (feat. Baths)
4. My Orphaned Son
5. Bright Night
6. Retracer
7. Puma
8. Santa Ana Winds (feat. Nite Jewel)
9. Trudge
10. Jitters (Geotic mix)
11. Doc (Dntel mix)
12. Paper Landscape