Burden Of A Day


Burden of a Day will stake their reputation on their ability to perform. Touring through the lower 48 states as well as Europe, they’ve exhibited an energy and a presence seldom paralleled by even their more accomplished peers. Hailing from Sarasota, Florida - a retired people’s town with a music scene as cold and unforgiving as the winters most move there to escape - they’ve managed to accumulate a following that keeps even their smallest shows well populated.

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Burden Of A Day - Oneonethousand (2009)

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Artist: Burden Of A Day
Album: Oneonethousand
Release date: 12.05.2009
Label: Rise Records

1. Remember2. Fool Me Once3. The Mason4. Oceans5. The Shame In Shedding Wool6. Sly Foxes7. Isadora Duncan8. OneOneThousand9. Modern Gentlemen10. My Forfeit