Slow Decades - Frost and Concrete

Tales of the youthful and romantic, adolescent ennui, and social awkwardness reveal themselves amid the band’s richly dense and melodic musical palette. Melancholic blasts of clarinet are often quickly counterbalanced by strident keyboard lines or intricate guitar parts, making for a textured body of songs that release their charms over a number of listens; with the bands consistently idiosyncratic sound veering from broken-hearted balladry to distorted wig-outs.

From early incarnations in sleepy-seaside towns, idle chatter quickly turned into a real desire to produce densely melodic and romantic music. Gary, Ben, and Paul bonded over the likes of Super Furry Animals, British Sea Power and Sufjan Stevens – and from then on in began treading the lines between beauty, honesty, and eccentricity. The line-up was completed in 2010 by Sam and John, locking together as a sensitive, nuanced rhythm section to perfectly compliment the band’s kaleidoscopic musical ambitions.

The band’s first album, The Frost & The Concrete, is released in late 2014, a collection of songs that Ben feels to be ‘a coming-of-age album’, in which our young and foolish characters, through loss, love, and conflict- battle through the growing pains, ennui, and frustration of the romantic young man. Songs of lost love and childhood nostalgia sit alongside remembered fragments of misguided hedonism, and make for touching, vulnerable accounts of camaraderie and conflict.


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