White Sea - In Cold Blood (2014)

White Sea emerges out of Morgan Kibby’s creative endeavors with French electronic-pop guru M83, where she captured hearts and eardrums as the beautiful, spectral voice on M83’s near universally acclaimed LP, Saturdays = Youth. Having started as a co-writer, including the runaway anthem “Kim & Jessie,” Kibby went on to contribute vocals and synthesizers on stage, stepping into a more collaborative role and soaking in all there was to learn in her rousing setting. “While on tour with M83, I was exposed to so many new things,” Kibby explains. “When I returned home, I sat down and taught myself Pro Tools, and how to produce. I’ve really spent the last year figuring out what music I’m excited about making.”

White Sea
In Cold Blood
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White Sea - In Cold Blood (2014)
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1. They Don't Know
2. Prague
3. Future Husbands Past Lives
4. For My Love
5. Warsaw
6. Ex-Pat
7. Small December
8. NYC Loves You
9. Flash
10. It Will End In Disaster

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Crush Music
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