Twin Forks - Twin Forks (2014)

Twin Forks are Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional), Suzie Zeldin (The Narrative), Ben Homola (Bad Books), and Jonathan Clark. The band was formed to play a one off festival, but worked so well that they decided to keep playing together. They put together an EP that they gave away digitally to fans, and released a proper EP in September 2013. They have been touring the world since the formation of the band, and are working towards the release of their first full length record in February of 2014.

Twin Forks
Twin Forks
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Twin Forks - Twin Forks (2014)
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256 kbps AAC
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1. Can't Be Broken
2. Cross My Mind
3. Back To You
4. Kiss Me Darlin
5. Scraping Up The Pieces
6. Something We Just Know
7. Danger
8. Reasoned and Roughened
9. Plans
10. Done is Done
11. Come On
12. Who's Looking Out

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Dine Alone
United States
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