Quilt – Held in Splendor (2014)

"Boston's Quilt checked into a Brooklyn studio to combine hipster flavour with dreamy psychedelia, and have come up with a record that brings a crisp newness to arrangements straight out of 1967. So there's a lot of Love here – and Zombies and Buffalo Springfield too – but "Held In Splendor" also joins Tame Impala's 'Lonerism' and even Connan Mockasin's 'Caramel' at a strange place where psych-rock sounds pioneering and fresh. This is all helped by the virtuosity of tracks like 'Mary Mountain', where surf guitar meets motorik trance, and 'A Mirror', with its thrash-along fuzziness. Yet Quilt really shine when Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler and John Andrews harmonise impeccably over the spooky melodies of 'Saturday Bride' and 'Secondary Swan'." - NME 8/10

Held in Splendor
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Quilt – Held in Splendor (2014)
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1. Arctic Shark
2. Saturday Bride
3. Mary Mountain
4. Tie Up the Tides
5. Eye of the Pearl
6. The Hollow
7. A Mirror
8. Just Dust
9. The World is Flat
10. Tired & Buttered
11. Secondary Swan
12. Talking Trains
13. I Sleep in Nature

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Mexican Summer
United States
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