Sleepy Sun - Maui Tears (2014)

In the six years since Sleepy Sun released the White Dove 7 inch, the Northern California band sometimes seemed to live the lives of a hundred bands. They toured incessantly, shed old skin, tore down walls with riffs, and explored black smoke, barrel-dark songs, and studio sheen all with a core that has survived since the band crawled from the dusty sage-scented Santa Cruz underbrush. 

It's that core, and the experiential sum of those hundred lives, which shape the band's fourth release Maui Tears, due for a world release through the Toronto-based independent label, Dine Alone Records. In the sounds of "Maui Tears", you hear echoes of nights shared with fellows and allies like Arctic Monkeys and Black Angels...a band growing self-assured as studio presence...the elasticity and tensions of a creative brotherhood. And like every Sleepy Sun record, it deftly walks the borders and boundaries between hooky power pop classicism and hazy, primer-grey Camaro rock all colored by a lurking sense of fog, unease, and mystery at the corners

Sleepy Sun
Maui Tears
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Sleepy Sun - Maui Tears (2014)
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320 kbps
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1. The Lane
2. Words
3. Everywhere Waltz
4. Outside
5. 11:32
6. Thielbar
7. Slowdown
8. Galaxy Punk
9. Maui Tears

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Dine Alone
United States
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