The Fauns - Lights (2013)

"Lights", The Fauns sophomore effort, is a step up in the recording world for the indie dream-shoegaze group. While one might classify The Fauns as a dream-pop-shoegaze outfit, there is something else beneath the ethereal shimmer of their music, something darker. It's no wonder they were spotted by Clint Mansell, composer of the soundtrack for Requiem For A Dream, who remixed the band for Record Store Day. The Bristol bunch's second album Lights is eleven tracks of ethereal, ambient shoegaze that sets the stage for good things to come. Lights opens with Zero Point, a layering of notes and melodies prepares the listener for a depth to their sound that might not be expected. In Flames, the most notable single, brings a sense of nostalgia to the album (whether for summer nights, the 1980's, or ecstasy riddled adventures one isn't quite sure). In Flames is the stand out track off the ten-song collection. However, without an ear for this particular genre the songs run the risk of becoming one long blur of electronic dreaminess, as opposed to flowing seamlessly. Alison Garner's vocals are hypnotic while the combined efforts of Lee Woods (guitar), Elliot Guise (guitar), Michael Savage (bass) and Tom Adams (drums) create a hazy, but tight sound, which carries throughout the album. The Fauns certainly know their medium, and Lights proves this. Songs like Rise, strictly instrumental, are perfectly atmospheric, but without Garner's vocals they seem to lack a hook. Within the context of the album, Rise provides a respite before launching into With You, where Garner's nearly creepy vocals underscore a nightmare, rather than a dream. "You were beautiful, So beautiful, I'm beautiful, I feel beautiful with you" she chants, and you shiver.


The Fauns
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The Fauns - Lights (2013)
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1. Point Zero
2. Seven Hours
3. Ease Down
4. In Flames
5. Nothing Ever
6. Lights
7. Rise (03:20)
8. 4 am (04:12)
9. With You (03:23)
10. Let's Go (03:12)
11. Give Me Your Love (03:35)

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United Kingdom
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