Upset - She's Gone (2013)

“I played drums in other bands, but that got boring,” Ali Koehler writes atop her Twitter page. “F--- limits in your life. Eat corn dogs.” Of course, saying “f--- limits” is great in theory, but not always in practice—as, indeed, the overindulgence in corn dogs might prove. But damned if the former powerhouse drummer behind the Vivian Girls and Best Coast doesn’t prove to be a wonderfully effusive singer and songwriter and thoroughly captivating front person in her new trio Upset, which also features the searing guitar of Jennifer Prince (ex-La Sera) and another powerhouse drummer who happened to be one of Koehler’s percussive inspirations, the great Patty Schemel of Hole. This is the most winning album about the sheer life-affirming joys of making an awesome noise since the debut from Wild Flag—“If it means that much to you/Don’t give up what you’re meant to do/If it’s all that gets you through the day/Don’t let it get away,” the girls sing in “Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur”—though the alternately ironic/romantically nostalgic high-school girls’ room vibe of many of these catchy indie-rock anthems reminds me more of the late, lamented Tuscadero. A welcome bow, indeed. - Jim DeRogatis

She's Gone
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Upset - She's Gone (2013)
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1. Back To School
2. She’s Gone
3. Oxfords and Wingtips
4. Queen Frosteen
5. About Me
6. Game Over
7. Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur
8. Never Wanna
9. Let It Go
10. Tobacco
11. Phone Calls
12. You and I

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Don Giovanni
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