Electric Six - Mustang (2013)

The 9th album by Detroit rock band Electric Six. Official release is October 8th 2013, but early copies were sold at concerts.
Album description is quite intriguing: Mustang...The wild horse. We romanticize this magnificent creature and rightly so. We marvel at the horse that dares to run free through mountain streams and mountain shit, forging his own path, blazing his own trails. We marvel at his dangerously high sperm count and his ability to mount and fuck. We know he spends his downtime whinnying in delight that he is never going to spend his life partially encased in leather, serving no other function than to trot slowly with his head hanging down miserably alongside other poor souls just like him as they carry a field trip of fourth graders from the suburbs who crack themselves up whenever he sports an uncontrollable erection. The wild horse…gets hard whenever he wants. And nobody laughs. And he loves that about himself. "
Electric Six
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Electric Six - Mustang (2013)
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1. Nom de Plume
2. Jessica Dresses like a Dragon
3. Show Me What Your Lights Mean
4. Adam Levine
5. Cranial Games
6. The New Shampoo
7. Iron Dragon
8. Late Night Obama Food
9. I Never Fucked Her
10. Miss Peaches Wears an Iron Dress
11. Unnatural Beauty
12. Gimme the Eyes
13. Skin Traps
14. Cheryl vs. Darryl

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Metropolis Records
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