Kitchens of Distinction - Folly (2013)

First album in 19 years! These songs came together over a two-year period which began in June 2011 and finished during April 2013. As with all songs by Kitchens of Distinction, new and old, they began with the musical structure first, the tune and lyrics coming later. With these songs I wrote the initial music, with KOD guitarist Julian Swales shaping them, suggesting tempo changes, structure changes, and providing the trademark sonic embellishments of his galactic guitar cascades. Dan Goodwin, original KOD drummer, added percussion and rhythm programming support. They were recorded in my studio in Derbyshire and at Julian's studio in Brighton. The songs were mixed with Pascal Gabriel in April 2013 when I was recovering from a nephrectomy and winter would not leave us.

Kitchens of Distinction
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Kitchens of Distinction - Folly (2013)
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1. Oak Tree
2. Extravagance
3. Disappeared
4. Photographing Rain
5. Japan To Jupiter
6. Wolves, Crows
7. No Longer Elastic
8. I Wish It Would Snow
9. Tiny Moments Tiny Omens
10. The Most Beautiful Day

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3 Loop Music
United KIngdom
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