James Blunt - Moon Landing (2013)

2013 album from the British singer/songwriter. For "Moon Landing", James Blunt wanted to go back to sounding... like himself. Initial sessions saw him working with a real musician's producer - Martin Terefe, and these recordings have an undeniable freedom and celebration in their sound. But then James chose to strip it back further - he went back to LA, staying with his friend Carrie Fisher as he did for the first album. He also returned to producer Tom Rothrock, and to working with just the two of them in the studio, occasionally bringing in selected musicians from the Back To Bedlam sessions to fill in where James' own skills weren't enough. The result is a collection of songs that are raw, direct, and emotionally honest. Moon Landing is a thing of pure, understated beauty. And, as an introduction, and like all of James Blunt's best work, the melody for first single `Bonfire Heart' will quickly etch itself into your conscience, and you'll soon be humming along to the sweetly reflective verses, and anthemic chorus.

James Blunt
Moon Landing
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James Blunt - Moon Landing (2013)
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1. Face the Sun
2. Satellites
3. Bonfire Heart
4. Heart to Heart
5. Miss America
6. The Only One
7. Sun on Sunday
8. Bones
9. Always Hate Me
10. Postcards
11. Blue on Blue
12. Telephone
13. Kiss this Love Goodbye
14. Hollywood

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Warner Music
United Kingdom
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