La Luz - It's Alive (2013)

Seattle surf-noir quartet La Luz release their highly anticipated full length LP after collecting up high praise in regards to their live shows from LA to Texas to New York and everywhere in between and around! And no wonder there...The band has caused even the most jaded show goer to join in on the dance party by way of Soul Train. Musically, the bands address is somewhere around the Lively Ones, right next to the Shangri-Las, and across the street from Mazzy Star. You should look them up! This band has chops! This band has surf! This band has songs! It's the band you have been waiting for.

La Luz
It's Alive
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La Luz - It's Alive (2013)
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1. Sure As Spring
2. All the Time
3. Morning Home
4. What Good Am I?
5. Sunstroke
6. It's Alive
7. Big Big Blood
8. Call Me in the Day
9. Pink Slime
10. Phantom Feelings

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Hardly Art
United States
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