The Reign of Kindo - Play with Fire (2013)

"Play with Fire", is The Reign of Kindo's 3rd full length record and 1st with newest member Danny Pizarro Jr. on piano. Newly relocated to New York City as a base, Kindo has released possibly their best record yet.

The Reign of Kindo
Play with Fire
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The Reign of Kindo - Play with Fire (2013)
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320 kbps
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1. The Hero, The Saint, The Tyrant, & The Terrorist
2. Help It
3. Sing When No One's Around
4. Dust
5. Impossible World
6. Don't Haze Me
7. Feeling in the Night
8. Make a Sound
9. Sunshine
10. Romancing a Stranger
11. I Hate Music
12. The Man, The Wood, & The Stone

Music label: 
Candyrat Records
United States
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