The Last Royals - Twistification (2013)

Brooklyn-based band The Last Royals is composed of drummer Mason Ingram and lead singer, songwriter, and producer Eric James. 

The Last Royals formed when James and Ingram worked together with producer Mike Beck on a charity record in 2010. Since then, the two have collaborated to record songs with narrative cohesion and an irresistible pop feel amidst decidedly rock undertones.

The band has already gained fans with the release of a three-song teaser on Oct. 2, and now with the 2013 release of their debut LP, 'Twistification' the band appears destined for widespread popularity as the critical acclaim and great word of mouth continue to spread.

The band describes their sound as "urban walking music" and that seems to sum it all up!

The Last Royals
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The Last Royals - Twistification (2013)
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1. Winter Waltz
2. Friday Night
3. Come Take My Hand
4. All Over Again
5. Good Day Radio
6. Wake Up
7. Crystal Vases
8. Only the Brave
9. Always, To Belong
10. I Hate California
11. Barefoot Winter Waltz

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Ooh La La
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