Beck performed by Portland Cello Project - Beck Hansen's Song Reader (2012)

Since the infinitely inventive artist Beck Hansen (better known as, simply, Beck) released his new “record,” Song Reader, in sheet-music form last month, scores of musicians have taken the bait and recorded their own interpretations of the album’s songs.
Now, add Portland Cello Project to the count. After performing Song Reader at three sold-out shows at the Aladdin Theater last month, the local cello collective recorded the music from the album-as-songbook for a digital-only record, Portland Cello Project Play Beck Hansen’s Song Reader. Portland Cello Project will promote the new album on a Western-states tour starting later this month.
The Song Reader project is a perfect fit for the highly collaborative, genre-crossing Portland Cello Project, which is best known for its decidedly nonclassical covers of the likes of Kanye West, Pantera, and Britney Spears. For the new album, the ensemble of cellophiles invited a raft of guest artists to record with them, including singer-songwriter Jolie Holland (of the Be Good Tanyas), bassist/cellist Nate Query (of the Decemberists), vocalists Lizzy Ellison and Patti King (of Radiation City), and singer Chanticleer Tru (of local soul group Magic Mouth).
Beck performed by Portland Cello Project
Beck Hansen's Song Reader
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Beck performed by Portland Cello Project - Beck Hansen's Song Reader (2012)
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1. Don't Act Like Your Heart Isn't Hard (feat. Chanticleer)
2. I'm Down (feat. Chanticleer)
3. Saint Dude (feat. Adam Shearer)
4. Do We We Do. (feat. Patti King)
5. Eyes That Say I Love You (feat. Lizzy Ellison)
6. Now That Your Dollar Bills Have Sprouted Wings (feat. Lizzy Ellison & Patti King)
7. Please Leave a Light On When You Go (feat. Patti King)
8. Rough On Rats (feat. Chanticleer)
9. Old Shanghai (feat. Lizzy Ellison)
10. Sorry (feat. Chanticleer)
11. Why Did You Make Me Care (feat. Jolie Holland)
12. Heaven's Ladder (feat. Patti King)
13. America, Here's My Boy (feat. Jolie Holland)
14. Just Noise (feat. Lizzy Ellison)
15. We All Wear Cloaks
16. Mutilation Rag
17. The Wolf Is On the Hill (feat. Jolie Holland)
18. Title of This Song (feat. Lizzy Ellison)
19. The Last Polka (feat. Collin Oldham)
20. Last Night You Were a Dream (feat. Patti King & Lizzy Ellison)

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Portland Cello Project
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