Mice Parade - Candela (2013)

"Candela" is the stunning new full-length from Mice Parade, a bright and vivd LP that omnivorously references source material from across the globe and rebuilds it all into the distinctive, inimitable voice that Mice Parade has come to represent. Generally regarded as the solo project of New York’s Adam Pierce – though Pierce often engages carefully-selected guest musicians for each new release – Mice Parade is now in its second decade: musically developing, its personnel expanding and shrinking, and its influences and marker points becoming increasingly varied and widespread. Candela is the seventh album to bear the Mice Parade name, and marks an exciting new stop-off in the band’s already musically greedy history.

Mice Parade
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Mice Parade - Candela (2013)
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320 kbps
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1. Listen Hear Glide Dear
2. Currents
3. This River Has A Tide
4. Pretending
5. The Chill House
6. Candela
7. Look See Dream Me
8. Gente Interesante
9. Contessa
10. Warm Hand in Narnia

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Fat Cat
United States
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