Black Lab - The Best of the MP3 of the Month Club (2012)

In 2005, Paul finally realized that the hard core Black Lab fans were not only here to stay, but were deeply interested in the machinations taking place behind the curtain – how songs got written, how tracks got recorded, and how such randomness could coalesce (or not) into the latest black lab album. Looking to find a way to make the stuff he was constantly generating available, he hit upon the notion of an online magazine, a monthly zine available by subscription that would put out a new mp3, photos, bloggage, gossip and sneak previews in each issue. Alas, the club became mostly what it’s title suggested: an mp3 every month, with lyrics and a few pics and hopefully some insight into what the hell was going on in Black Lab world. For four years he churned out the club, grateful to those who laid down their precious digital cash for subscriptions. The mp3’s included everything from live writing recordings working out lyrics to rough mixes of songs about to be released on the latest album – and everything between. Some of it was good, some of it was really good, and some of it probably should have stayed buried in the stacks of cds and cassettes and harddrives from which they had been mined. This collection seeks to take the best stuff and make it all available in one convenient, affordable place. It includes single-mic live recordings of just voice and guitar, rough demos from the early days, and polished tracks of more recent vintage. Most of the demos have been cleaned up and given fresh, never-heard new mixes and mastering, bringing out the best of what’s there while leaving the emotion-cracked character in among the rough edges. In addition, there are two tracks featuring songs that may or may not make it onto the next black lab album.

Black Lab
The Best of the MP3 of the Month Club
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Black Lab - The Best of the MP3 of the Month Club (2012)
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1. Walk This Road
2. Mercy
3. Let It Shine
4. Radio Tonight
5. Criminal
6. A New World
7. Trace
8. Candlelight
9. Give It All
10. Someone Else
11. Don't Ask Me Why
12. My Favorite Part of Town
13. Kick
14. Shine

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