Breathless - Green to Blue (2012)

4AD founder Ivo Watts-Russell is a big fan of Breathless, mentoring their latest opus and describing bandleader Dominic Appleton as his favourite living male vocalist. It’s a shame he didn’t sign them, really – perhaps if they’d been part of his illustrious mid-eighties stable (and certainly, their lightly-gothic, melancholic dream-pop would have fit in nicely amidst the likes of Cocteau Twins and Ivo’s own This Mortal Coil), they’d have a more befittingly prominent public profile. Yet this oversight has advantages too: chiefly, it perhaps means that the fact they haven’t changed much in thirty years won’t be noticed by newcomers, wooed by their reverb-soaked style for the first time. Green to Blue (emphasis on blue) is an unwaveringly forlorn listen, and at seventy minutes, is possibly more funereal glumness than anyone needs in a single sitting. But it’s nevertheless an enveloping experience, one that deserves to kick-start a wider (re)appreciation of the band’s oft-overlooked talents.

Green to Blue
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Breathless - Green to Blue (2012)
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1. Please Be Happy
2. I Want You To Realise
3. Next Time You Fall
4. Everything Is Us
5. It's Good To See You
6. Walk Away
1. Rain Down Now
2. Fade Away
3. The Same Rooms Without You
4. Just For Today
5. The Last Light Of Day

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Tenor Vossa
United Kingdom
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