Born Blonde - What the Desert Taught (2012)

So, I can’t help but notice that a lot of releases that have come across my “desk” as of late have been dubbed “shoe gaze”, that sub-sub-genre of the 90s that seems to have made a bit of resurgence. Why all of a sudden is this happening? I’m not complaining, mind you. I dig what’s going on. I just bring this issue up because there is a bit of a “shoe gaze” thing here with Born Blonde’s debut full length as many other reviewers and interviewers have been pointing out. Sometimes these sub-sub-genres just throw me off. I’ve always liked the “sound” that Born Blonde have, but is it “shoe gaze”? Who comes up with these genre names anyway? And then there is “Britpop”. Is this Britpop? Some say yes. To that I say…okay. But, then I thought Britpop was supposed to be somewhat of an anti-shoe gaze backlash. The enemies have met and blossomed with “What the Desert Taught You”? Interesting development!

This album is a bit of a throwback to the mid-90s, indeed, although honestly to me it doesn’t sound dated. It sounds fresh and new. Maybe that’s because I myself am a decade or so out of date. I will make a few comparisons to, say, Coldplay, or to Duncan Sheik, or maybe The Verve, or Wonder Wall-esque Oasis. There are even a few similarities with Mystery Machine and Cheetah’s, two bands I recently did reviews of, though they are a lot more guitar oriented than Born Blonde.

The first single off of this album is Signs of Fear, and it’s a good way to kick things off, although there are several songs on here that can easily put forth as “singles”. This is a beautiful, brilliant pop song; catchy with nice dreamy instrumentation, nice tempo and feel. It just grabs me and wraps me up in pleasantness!

This will be in my top 10 from shoegaze in 2012

Born Blonde
What the Desert Taught
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Born Blonde - What the Desert Taught (2012)
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1. Solar
2. I Just Wanna Be
3. The Architect
4. Light On
5. Radio Bliss
6. Signs Of Fear
7. Dreamland
8. Other Side
9. These Days, I Dream Of Pyramids
10. Wide Eyed

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Moriarty The Cat Records
United Kingdom
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