In Fear and Faith - In Fear and Faith (2012)

In Fear and Faith have proven themselves worthy of our attention. After putting out 2 full lengths and selling over 46,000 records total, the band presents their self-titled album. The brutal parts and soaring choruses will serve the band well in the area where they are most well known - their live show. Veterans of the road, the band has toured with A Day To Remember, Of Mice & Men, Alesana and many more. Finishing up a litany of tours in 2012, these San Diego natives prove once more their reputation as a force to be reckoned with will remain constant and true.

In Fear and Faith
In Fear and Faith
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In Fear and Faith - In Fear and Faith (2012)
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1. Intro
2. The Calm Before Reform
3. A Silent Drum
4. Look What You Made Me Do
5. Soul Survivor
6. A Creeping Dose
7. It All Comes Out
8. Enigmatic
9. Dream Catcher
10. You Had Your Chance
11. Last Man Stranded
12. Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Rise Records
United States
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