Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who (2012)

"Who Needs Who", the 2012 album by Dark Dark Dark, is a rich, stirring body of songs that sees the band break ground and settle into the strengths of a quintet that has worked incredibly hard, both on the road and in their personal lives. Most of the material on Who Needs Who was written by vocalist/accordionist/keyboard player Nona Marie Invie in Minneapolis, and arranged by the band on tour and in New Orleans, where acclaimed engineer Tom Herbers joined them to record. The first single, 'Tell Me', finds Dark Dark Dark setting a new tone for avant-garde pop. The beat is up, the drums and bass propel the song, and Invie s voice soars between impassioned yearning and a resigned, empowered hope that reveals wisdom.

Dark Dark Dark
Who Needs Who
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Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who (2012)
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1. Who Needs Who
2. Tell Me
3. Last Time I Saw Joe
4. Patsy Cline
5. Without You
6. How It Went Down
7. It's A Secret
8. Hear Me
9. Meet In The Dark
10. The Great Mistake

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