Té - ‘Therefore, The Illusion Of Density Breach, The Tottering World “Forget” Tomorrow’ (2012)

New album by japan post-rockers te'. You know they are good, just enjoy the new tunes.

‘Therefore, The Illusion Of Density Breach, The Tottering World “Forget” Tomorrow’
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Té – ‘Therefore, The Illusion Of Density Breach
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1. Pleasure of life is the “inoculation” of death and the raw power walking to the end.
2. Magic smolder in the depth of optimism, the remnants of “sin” of the collective unconscious million people conceive.
3. Realize that morarity is equipment Of power and “Shackles” of a maximum of freedom of the people.
4. Fluctuation of the “string” is spun the pattern of diversity, play the transient octet.
5. Seeker is the chromatic scale world’s inhabitants wandering a “middle tier” of events that relative.
6. Honeymoon of “particles” in the vague is the mortal coil of my sparkling momentary existence.
7. Have fun at the boundary of continuous and discontinuous, plaything called “Sacrifice” vital artery linking.
8. ”Convulsive” beauty in the sound, the horror of the body beyond the idea to visit the wild.
9. Dream world does not fear the “censorship” of gravity, ethereal body of freedom to break through closed inside.
10. I am dent of the river. Flow is passing but ripple is kept. The “dynamic” order.
11. Only the obstinate roar to reject money violate the taboo. “Shout” in meditation

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Zankyo Records
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