How to Dress Well - Total Loss (2012)

The record comes two years after Love Remains, the debut album that put Krell on the map with its bleak and hazy style of R&B. According to a press release, that one was recorded shortly after Krell moved from Brooklyn to Berlin, while his new one was made over the past 15 months in Brooklyn, Chicago, Nashville and London, a period Krell describes as "very unhappy and confused."
"I found myself feeling stranded, alone and depraved, and generally run the fuck down," he says. "While writing these songs I was trying to learn to lose in a meaningful way and to sustain loss as a source of creative energy." He adds that Total Loss is an "album about sharing." 
How to Dress Well
Total Loss
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How to Dress Well - Total Loss (2012)
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1. When I Was In Trouble
2. Cold Nites
3. Say My Name Or Say Whatever
4. Running Back
5. & It Was U
6. World I Need You, Won't Be Without You (Proem)
7. Struggle
8. How Many?
9. Talking To You
10. Set It Right
11. Ocean Floor For Everything

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