Dan Deacon - America (2012)

Dan Deacon will release a new album this month called "America"
Deacon is an off-kilter US electronic producer who's been a favorite in the indie scene since his 2007 album Spiderman of the Rings. His style has always been open-ended — though best known for high energy electronic indie pop, his early releases on CD-R were mostly ambient and drone, and recently he's put his classical training to use in a number of contemporary classical projects, including a score for the Francis Ford Coppola film Twixt. This side of his talent comes through in the four-track finale of America, which features a 22-person orchestra playing alongside Deacon's noisy electronics. 
As the title suggests, America is to some extent a meditation on Deacon's own nationality, and especially the complexity of American identity. "To me, the underground DIY and wilderness are just as American as their evil brethren, corporatism and environmental destruction," he says. "It's that juxtaposition of fundamentally opposed ideologies that make up the American landscape."
Dan Deacon
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Dan Deacon - America (2012)
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1. Guilford Avenue Bridge
2. True Thrush
3. Lots
4. Prettyboy
5. Crash Jam
6. USA I: Is a Monster
7. USA II: The Great American Desert
8. USA III: Rail
9. USA IV: Manifest

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Domino Records
United States
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