Paper Route - The Peace of Wild Things (2012)

While "The Peace of Wild Things" lyrically chronicles specific experiences of soul- crushing disillusionment and a fractured sense of faith and wonder down to the minute particulars, its creators presume — very much in the traditions of Romantic poetry and 80’s New Wave (Tears for Fears, A-ha)–that creatively fixating on the local, the achingly personal even, is probably the surest path to the universal. And it is here that the concluding track, “Calm My Soul,” offers a determined hopefulness well-earned by the preceding sad songs which have said so much. In this way, Paper Route shoots for a continuum with Daly’s go-to writers, Wendell Berry and Douglas Coupland, whose presence as an influence is as a-typical and unexpected as the band’s guiding presumption that pop songs, making them and hearing them, might occasionally render pained life more livable."

Paper Route
The Peace of Wild Things
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Paper Route - The Peace of Wild Things (2012)
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1. Love Letters
2. Two Hearts
3. Better Life
4. Glass Heart Hymn
5. Sugar
6. You And I
7. Letting You Let Go
8. Tamed
9. Rabbit Holes
10. Calm My Soul

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